• Kent County Championships 2017 – Update

    Kent County Championships 2017 – Update

    Please find below information and link to the 2017 Event Programme and the Qualifying Times. Full conditions will be posted on the site once issued.

    County Championships 2017.

    Happy New Swimming Season to you all.

    All the Olympians began their careers by competing in their County Championships. The Kent Coaches forum has worked closely with the Kent Speed Swimming to put together a programme for 2017 which  provides a platform for our County’s talent.

    The 2016 championships were a major change, and a learning curve for everyone. Our survey proved invaluable in giving everyone a chance to let the County know what worked and what could be improved. If you completed that, Thank You.

    One thing is clear, it is impossible to be perfect for everyone, but we did have 125 responses and the majority of the event went well.

    This season we have evolved the championships, rather than have a wholesale change.  Key differences are:

    • The 200 finals have been removed, 200’s will be HDW, with the final 3 heats being swum after the 100 age group finals
    • We will have a similar event programme as 2016 with a slight change in the mixture of strokes
    • It is likely that there will be rejections this year, Consideration QT’s have been set  by reviewing eligible performances from actual swims and slightly eased in some cases. Swimmers should enter everything they wish to swim, and let the County reject if there are too many entries. Do not pre-judge rejection. (Several people did that last year)
    • The Team championships will take place in February

    Attached to this are the Event Programme and the Qualifying Times. The full conditions will be issued once we have our license number from the ASA.

    We are hosting an administrators’ meeting in Maidstone on 11th September. All club administrators are encouraged to attend, if you have any specific questions please ask your club administrator, and they can raise at the meeting.

    Event Programme and Qualifying Times

    Alan Davidson