• ProSwimwear giving benefit to the club

    ProSwimwear giving benefit to the club

    Parents, Swimmers,

    We are pleased to announce that DDSC has joined the ProSwimwear “Swimming Club Affiliate Scheme”.

    DDSC now have a dedicated club page at ProSwimwear and will benefit from earning cash back from purchases made by our members.

    Access to the club page can be made by clicking on the link on our DDSC website.

    The Affiliate Program is the largest of it’s kind in the UK and DDSC will receive commission of 5% for every purchase made through the link.  

    This is a fantastic and easy way to fundraise for the club!

    Furthermore, DDSC have also joined the “Club Purchasing Scheme” at ProSwimwear where we are now able to receive a discounted price on all swimming costumes ordered.  

    We propose therefore to make a monthly order to ProSwimwear on our members behalf (on the 1st of each month).  The discount for each order will be 5% of the Retail Price.

    All orders should be made to the shop on a Friday evening and payment will be requested at the time of the order.

    For information, the royal blue Yingfa race costumes that the children are expected to wear at all Club League Galas are all back in stock on the ProSwimwear Site.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the above then please contact Amanda on alittle910@btinternet.com