• Kent Development Meet

    Kent Development Meet

    DDSC Deadline 29 September

    Kent Development Meet 2017.

    We’ve just seen some amazing performances at the World Championships by GB, and at  Summer Nationals by an outstanding cohort of Kent Swimmers. All these great performances start with the grassroots of the sport, and that starts with events like the County Development Meet. For those that missed it last year, the county had some major changes to the format last year, which we were very successful. The only major change is changing to Age at year end rather than end of meet. Our aim is to encourage more entrants, and give more swimmers a chance to win a Kent Medal. As the title says it is a development meet, so county qualifiers can’t enter swims for which they have obtained a championship’s 2017 consideration time. Note they can enter events that they have not achieved times for.  Also we have added a points table to enable selection for the Kent Development Camp in 2018. (See conditions for full details). To help spread entries swimmers can enter a maximum of 6 events. There are also relay events for 2 age groups, with mixed and individual gender events. Note the conditions that restrict entries by Kent championships qualifiers to strokes they haven’t qualified for.  All the relevant documents are below:


    Upper Limit Times

    Event Programme
    Individual Entry Form