• Swim England Category 3 Membership

    Swim England Category 3 Membership

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We would like to invite you to join the Club as a Category 3 Member:

    Currently our Category 3 members consist of:
    • Honorary Members
    • Committee Members
    • Coaches
    • Qualified officials
    • Volunteers

    The aim of this would serve to enhance the Club’s inclusivity; and ensure the Club’s future for generations to come.

    There are benefits of having this membership, which include:

    Ability to Volunteer in a Swim England Club and Club Liability Insurance Cover: We regularly seek volunteers help; without which it would be impossible to undertake Club activities and events. However, volunteering is not a mandatory requirement if membership is taken. Any person acting in the capacity of a volunteer automatically is covered by the Club’s liability insurance. In addition, you would be covered for up to £20 million Management Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

    Ability to act as Club Officer: Should you wish to be nominated to be an Officer and offer your services for a Committee role, you will have the opportunity to do so. Other Club Category 3 members will be able to support your nomination prior to the Annual General Meeting each year; to which all Category 3 members are invited and entitled to vote. This provides you with the opportunity to really be part of the Club!

    Access to the Individual Membership System: http://www.swimming.org/members/club-membership
    Activation of this account entitles you to a range of benefits including discounts and offers.

    Discounts on Private Health Care with HMCA
    Discounts on Travel Insurance with Adrenaline Travel
    All Just Swim Membership Benefits

    Currently, the cost of this membership is £5.00 per year. However, if you were volunteering your support on a regular basis this fee would be paid on your behalf the following year.

    We hope you will all give this due consideration; should you have any questions, please contact either Julia Hall @ clubsec@ddsc.org or Graham Rackstraw @ membership@ddsc.org.

    If you are interested in joining, please contact Graham Rackstraw via email by Friday, 2nd February 2018.

    Kind Regards

    DDSC Committee

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