• Committee Update

    Committee Update

    Update on Committee

    We appreciate some time has passed since our Annual General Meeting in the summer, when some of our Committee Members stood down.  Having given our Category 3 Members the opportunity to volunteer on Committee, prior to the AGM we found ourselves with a few key vacancies.  Volunteers undertaking these roles are essential to be able to run the Club on a day to day basis and are crucial for the survival of the Club.

    In accordance with our current Constitution (see paragraph 7.3       “Any vacancy occurring by resignation or otherwise may be filled by the Committee” we sought to fill these key roles, and are now pleased to report our Committee is once again fully operational:

    Rob Wise – Chairman
    Andy Dix – Treasurer
    Julia Hall – Club Secretary
    Laura Wallis – Membership Secretary
    Graham Rackstraw – Club Champs Secretary
    Alex Nikolic – Opens Secretary
    Henry Postlethwaite – Officials Secretary
    Ian Keeble – Trophies Secretary

    Update on Communication

    Kay Dix will assist in a co-opted role, as Communications Secretary.  We have now moved over to a more centralised system of communication to all our members.  We appreciate this may initially create some teething problems as emails may not be received (but it may be that in fact they are received but end up in “junk” mail).  Non-receipt of emails can be monitored from our end and will be rectified.

    We are aware of the need to keep communication as accessible and easy as possible and so would guide you as follows:

    General queries can be directed to: Julia Hall at clubsec@ddsc.org or Kay Dix at communications@ddsc.org

    Complaints directed to Rob Wise at chairperson@ddsc.org or Julia Hall at clubsec@ddsc.org

    Opens to Alex Nikolic at opens@ddsc.org

    Membership to Laura Wallis at membership@ddsc.org

    Welfare to Andrea Knight at andreaknightddsc@btinternet.com

    Any concerns relating to your child’s swimming or coaching should be directed to their Coach in the first instance.