Guide to Licensed Opens

Licensed Open Meets are events held by swimming clubs throughout the year, for individuals to attend to primarily gain a personal best (PB) time in a competition environment. It is also an opportunity to win a medal or trophy.

Licensed opens are graded in levels 1-4 with 1 being the hardest.

  • A Level 4 meet is usually a club championship with no qualifying times and open to all club members.
  • Level 1 – 3 meets will generally have lower and upper qualifying times. This means that if your personal best ( “PB” ) for that event is faster than the upper limit then you cannot enter. Equally, if your time is slower than the lower limit, you cannot enter.

The ASA runs a licensing system and the results of licensed meets can be saved to the ASA database of results and rankings.

For more information on licensed opens and for a full list of meets.

There will be many meets in the calendar year and we would recommend that you carefully select those you wish to enter. Younger swimmers may wish to take guidance from their Coach as to which races would be suitable four them.

Kent/Regional Championships

The Kent/Regional Championships are events that can only be entered if you gain a ‘qualifying time’ at a level 4 and upwards licensed meet.  All licensed events provide the swimmer with times that will allow them to qualify (restrictions on meet level may apply for each competition).  Times achieved at non-licensed events such as Millennium, Tudor and Kent Junior League cannot be used as a qualifying times for these championships.

DDSC Open Meets

DDSC support a number of opens during the course of the year. This means that swimmers will have a coach or representative from the club on poolside.

There will be additional opens which the club may promote on the website but are not able to support as we have other events being held on the same day. This means that you will need to do the entries yourself and there will be no coach present at the meet.

The club supported meets will be emailed to all swimmers via squad reps and entry packs available on the website. All entries should be returned to the Opens Secretary with any cheque payment payable to DDSC. Our closing date may be much earlier than that described on the host clubs entry forms.