Our Coaching Team

About our competitive coaching team at Dartford District Swimming Club.

Our focus with junior swimmers in the early squads is on improving technique and introducing swimmers to the skills of competitive swimming. Our swimmers are individuals with differing needs, abilities and ambitions, and we seek to cater for these as appropriate within the broader framework of the LTAD.

As our swimmers progress through the squads, they are able to increase their swim hours by undertaking additional sessions. All swimmers are invited to compete in the Club’s wide range of galas, open meets and competitions. In addition, we hope all members, the youngest through to Masters, will enjoy our annual Club Championships held throughout the swimming season. We offer land training sessions to Top Squad Swimmers

We seek to promote the enjoyment of swimming, set achievable goals and encourage personal development at all levels. We also emphasise importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The aim throughout is to motivate swimmers to achieve their best, to instil team spirit, and encourage a life-long love of the sport.