Our Squad Representatives

There are Squad Reps for each of the squads to build effective communication across the club. Primarily the Squad Rep is the main point of contact for swimmers and parents for a squad to pass all relevant information throughout the club. The presence of squad reps really does help with the smooth running of the club, so if you see a Squad Rep vacancy please do volunteer and make a positive difference to your club.


TOP SQUAD Alison Jerreat top-rep@ddsc.org
JUNIOR TOP SQUAD Kay Dix juniortop-rep@ddsc.org
GOLD SQUAD Steve Anscomb gold-rep@ddsc.org
SILVER SQUAD Amanda Little silver-rep@ddsc.org
BRONZE SQUAD Louisa Nikolic bronze-rep@ddsc.org
DOLPHINS SQUAD Laura Wallis dolphins-rep@ddsc.org
MINNOWS Laura Wallis  minnows-rep@ddsc.org