How To Use Team Manager

Team manager is the official location that records DDSC swimmers times for licensed and unlicensed events. icon-aht-64

How to I access swimmers times?

  1. Click the Active Hy-Tek logo.
  2. Sometimes Active Hy-Tek does not open on the first attempt. This is a feature of Active Hy-Tek.
  3. If necessary, click the Active Hy-Tek logo again.

How do I check Individual swimmers times?

  1. Click Athletes – all swimmers will be listed by Surname alphabetically.
  2. Click the letter of the Surname.
  3. Then click the results link next to the swimmers name.
  4. This will automatically be listed under YDS (for yards). This can be changed to SC (Short course 25m pool) or LC (long course – 50m pools).
  5. All Personal Best times will then be shown.

How do I check Meet Results?

  1. Click Meet Results.
  2. This will bring up a list of all gala’s & opens that swimmers of DDSC have competed in.
  3. Click the results link next to the event and all swimmers and events will be listed.
  4. Any title that is in yellow can be ordered: eg. If you wish the results to be in Event order – click EV#.